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jMarket Complete Feature List.

jMarket is unencrypted therefore you can extend its functionality and design to customize your store exactly in same way that you do with Joomla.

Listed below you’ll find a fairly comprehensive list of jMarket a multi-vendor e-Commerce solution for Joomla!

Catalog Management

  • Front-end Management
  • Google Base Integration
  • Flexible product and categories layout
  • Shoppers' Groups
  • Manage Product Review & Rating
  • Easy product and inventory management
  • Supports minimum / maximum quantity in order by product
  • Import products, images, attributes and more via CSV format
  • Advanced product search capabilities into custom fields
  • Ajax search with option to define the result (name, prices, etc..)
  • Control the number of times a customer can download a digital product
  • Automatic inventory updating and syncing when an order is placed
  • Unlimited Custom fields for your products and vendors
  • Set automated or manual approval of sellers, buyers and products for complete control over the site operation

Product Types & Merchandising

  • Ability to sell anything: physical products, events, services, downloads, movies, mp3 music, auctions, vouchers
  • Sell any kind of digital products including pdf’s, videos, music files, etc.
  • Sell Gift Certificates, Vouchers, Rebate Offer, Coupons with jVouchers
  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Unlimited sub-categories
  • Product Zoom
  • Ability to control product and category order
  • Products can be assigned in multiple categories
  • Add html or images to category pages
  • Related Products
  • Product Return
  • Automatic unpublished of items
  • Unlimited images for each product
  • Create bulk product listings
  • Set goals and specify sales targets to accomplish.
  • Product Options & Attributes
  • Attributed Stocks
  • Advance Product Types
  • Ability to duplicate products
  • Ability to control products appearing on the home page
  • Ability to change layouts for each product and category
  • Ability to control the product image size on both product and catalog pages
  • Enable / Disable products
  • Watermark for images
  • Control the number of times a digital product can be downloaded
  • Supports SKU numbers
  • "Send a Friend" feature
  • Bundle Products
  • Tell a Friend” feature
  • Standard Price
  • Donation
  • Link for contact us and more
  • Free Price
  • Advance product types
  • Create unlimited product types
  • Programmable Product Availability
  • Block a Product
  • Ability to categorize different type of products, e.g food, electronics, cars, mobiles, baby items and more
  • Ability to show in the catalog specific product types
  • Ability to create a catalog menu for specific product types
  • Social sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Share to your JomSocial Wall, google+

Multi-vendor Management

  • Multiple Vendors, Single Storefront
  • Store admin can now create products and assign it to another vendor
  • Vendors can create Coupons, Gift Certificate, Rebate Offer and Vouchers
  • Ability for vendors to sell anything: physical products, events, services, downloadables, movies, pictures, templates, music, auctions, vouchers, etc...
  • Products can be purchased from Multiple Vendors in One Order (Digital products only)
  • Ability to charge commissions for every vendor sale
  • Unlimited Number of Vendor Accounts
  • Separated Vendor Areas for Each Vendor
  • Vendor can setup individual payment system
  • Vendor can setup individual shipping gateway
  • Vendor-specific TAX setup
  • Ability to set different commission rates for different sellers
  • Store manager/ Site Administrator has full control of the Store
  • Admin can setup subscription packages with jSubscription
  • Automatic order notification to vendors
  • Flexible Commission Structure and Calculations.
  • Full admin control over product approval. Mechanism to review/approve newly added products with an option to automatically approve items from vendors.
  • Vendors can be restricted to only create items in certain categories within the store
  • Admin can assign Products to any Vendor
  • Vendors can export Orders
  • Vendors can copy Products and Options
  • Vendors can import products, images, attributes and more via CSV format
  • Admin has the ability to Block  specific Vendor
  • Admin can set default product options and attributes for all vendors
  • Advance vendor statistic reporting right from the vendor area with graphical interface
  • Store admin can restrict vendors base on the number of products and images they can upload with jSubscription
  • Vendors can enter shipment tracking
  • Store Admin has the ability to charge product listing fees using jSubscription
  • All shipping preferences and options are configurable per vendor or use system default shipping options
  • Control the number of times a digital product can be downloaded
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Store Locator / vendors map which list all vendors with direct link to individual profile
  • Completely automated inventory control

Explore more about Multi-Vendor

B2B E-Commerce

  • Activation for specific product categories
  • Activation for specific Customer Groups (Shoppers' groups)
  • Order and Invoice History
  • Help Desk integration for the Customers to interact with Customer and order properly
  • Period Discounts
  • Multiple Product Images, Detailed Specs, Custom Fields
  • Customer Specific Product Catalog
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Support of multiple payment options
  • Set minimum order price

Order, Invoicing and checkout Management

  • PCI compliant ready
  • Ability to “status” orders
  • View/delete orders
  • Notifies customer when order is shipped
  • Customizable email notification of orders (e.g. completed order, waiting for payment)
  • View canceled orders
  • Add shipping tracking numbers to orders
  • Ability to add notes to an order
  • Ability to complete orders without registering (Guest Checkout)
  • Multi Currency
  • Create invoices
  • Order History
  • Send an email using Order Information
  • Abandoned Cart Notification
  • Advanced Sales Reports
  • Manage Refunds (Appprove/Deny or email Refund Request)
  • Coupons
  • Gift Certificate
  • Rebate Offer
  • Voucher
  • Shortened checkout or traditional checkout
  • Set minimum amount per order
  • Mandate users to agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Ability to control which fields are required / optional
  • Reward System

Marketing Tools

  • Promotions & coupons
  • Time-limited promotions
  • Assign promotions to specific customers & products
  • Email marketing integration with jNews
  • SEO built in
  • Title and header tags
  • Meta descriptions and keywords
  • Meta keywords
  • Custom metadata for every product and category
  • Free Shipping Option
  • RSS feeds Support
  • Social eCommerce


  • PCI compliance ready
  • Full support of SSL
  • Encryption of all secure files
  • Double Security challenge in payment systems
  • Audting trail history and website security (requires jDefender)

Taxes & Shipping

  • Flexible tax system
  • Include/exclude tax on products
  • Configure country-based tax
  • Ability to create tax base on price types
  • Provides you the ability to sell internationally and apply international tax rates
  • Assign tax rates to individual products
  • Allow vendors setup their own tax rates to their individual products
  • Set-up an unlimited number of tax structures
  • Advanced Shipping Management
  • Configure state-based tax
  • Real-time shipping quotes from USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post and Australia Post
  • Create custom shipping methods
  • Create custom shipping costs by weight, quantity, location and more
  • Offer free shipping
  • Ability to restrict shipping based on country or state
  • Manage shipping rates based on country and shipping method
  • Provides customer with the option of selecting from multiple methods from multiple shipping providers
  • Shipping Modules Include:
    • UPS
    • USPS
    • FedEx
    • Australia Post
    • Canada Post

Payment Gateways

  • Ability to accept credit cards
  • Ability to accept offline payments
  • Currency rates are updated automatically using a cron
  • Allow vendors to setup their own payment gateways in the storefront
  • Ability to set unlimited custom payment methods
  • Sell in multiple currencies
  • Payment Gateways Include
    • PayPal
    • PayPal Pro (UK, Canada & USA)
    • PayPal Adaptive (Chained & Parallel)
    • Paypal Reccuring
    • Skrill (Money Bookers)
    • 2Checkout
    • Alipay (Chinese Payment)
    • CCAvenue
    • Ideal
    • AlphaUser Points
    • Punto Pago
    • PayFast
    • CCBill
    • Voguepay
    • Pagseguro

Can't find your local payment gateway? Contact us and we will develop the payment integration for you at a very reasonable price. Just contact us via ticket system.

Explore more about Payments

Custom Fields

  • Ability to create unlimited fields for different product types (Product, Vendors, Item, Auction, Ticket, Subscription, Vouchers, Downloads)
  • Ability to assign specific fields to certain product types
  • Ability to set certain access level for each field view and edit access
  • Searchable Fields
  • Ability to set required fields
  • Allow you to insert Joomla contents through plugins to dislay galleries and presentations
  • Ability to assign fields in Tabulation View
  • Ability to assign specific editor for each fields
  • Create unlimited fields in the Vendor Registration and Vendor Profile
  • Easily modify a view
  • Ability to create and show fields in various product areas
  • Field Types;
    • Text
    • Translated Text
    • Text Area
    • Translated Text Area
    • Pick-List
    • Date
    • Date and Time
    • Yes/No
    • Link
    • Number
    • Percentage
    • Publish
    • Email
    • Password
    • Yes/No Reversed
    • Price

Statistics & Reporting

  • Average Sales / Order
  • Revenue
  • Orders Report
  • Customers orders report
  • Sales Report
  • Products Report
  • Creates the following reports based on date
  • Top orders by product
  • Individual orders by date
  • Promo codes
  • Ability to filter reports by currency, payment method and order status
  • Customer report by total price and number of orders
  • Ability to export Reports from the backend and frontend vendor side
  • Best-sellers
  • Top customers

Currency & Language

  • Complete multi-currency support
  • Complete multi-language support over 41 languages available
  • Control currency symbol
  • Set-up custom exchange rates
  • Allows customers to view in their currency, but transact in yours
  • Ability to add / edit / delete countries and states
  • Direct Translation allows you to edit any view in the backend and frontend for convinience

User Management

  • Send product newsletters to your customers with jNews
  • Send a series of newsletter to customer who bought specific products
  • Create unlimited user roles
  • Assign customers/users to different roles
  • Geolocation
  • Trace customers location using Geolocation with IP traces
  • Order status and history

Site Management

  • Powerful access control level
  • Fully customizable design
  • Easily modify view
  • Easy and convenient update
  • Easy translation
  • 100% unencrypted

Other Cool Features & Integrations

  • Web Service Integration
  • Affiliate System
  • Commission System
  • Direct Edit functionality allows you to edit any view in the backend and frontend area
  • Front-end direct module edition
  • Fully integrated with JomSocial for Social E-Commerce
  • Google base integration
  • Falang
  • jVouchers - allow vendors to sell vouchers
  • jAuction - allow vendors to sell auctionable items
  • jSubscription - sell membership and subscription
  • Track product page visits with jDefender integration


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