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We often receive requests from customers saying that they’d like to test-drive Joobi Applications in another language as well before they commit their time on setting the site up themselves. Our answer to them has always been that we have a 30 Day trial period, and that they can go ahead and setup, however setting a multi-language site is not a straight forward process – which often lead to frustrations.


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It’s finally here.

After nearly 2 months of hard work studying WordPress handbook, building WordPress API, and at the same time improving Joobi framework to adapt to the new changes, we’re excited to share Joobi WordPress compatibility Beta with you.



Which plugins will work for WordPress?

These are the list of Joobi Applications available for WordPress:

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Joobi provides the most complete and integrated eCommerce solution out there, but most of its users are most likely not using its full potential. The chances are, your site is already loaded with various "components", "plugins" and "modules," which could lead you not to notice. But there’s a wealth of exciting features to be found when you take a moment to explore and dig a bit deeper.


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Hi there, Valentine!

You don’t have to be head over heels in love to get excited about Valentine’s Day. If you're a store owner, consider yourself lucky!
We've created an ultimate Valentine's Day promo to help manage your online business right from the palm of your hand.


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Hi Mate,

Happy new year from Joobi! Here's to a great 2015 for your business. We do our best to get to a habit of releasing out great enhancements every month. However the holidays put us few weeks behind, but allow us to work on improving the framework so we can work faster and produce a more stable build.


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Hello friends!

Christmas is here and we hope you’re enjoying a relaxing holiday! Today, we are happy to announce that the December release of Joobi products are now out before we break for the holidays.


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The prosperous year of 2014 is now coming to an end.  It’s hard to believe that the year has come and is almost gone. The year 2014 has been very busy at Joobi and it's been really productive. We would like to take this opportunity to take stock of how the year has gone:


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As you may know, the Joomla! project has announced the end of life for Joomla 2.5 on Dec 31, 2014. That means all Joomla 2.5 websites will not receive any updates including bugs and security updates.


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Since our October release, we’ve been busy working on cleaning up the core codebase and fixing any bugs as they come up. Today we release jCenter 3.4.x which is focused towards stable and polished Joobi applications. The major changes in this release are the refactoring of the toggle, added few features and bug fixes. The details of this release can be found below.


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Halloween comes but once in a dozen full moons. So, eat, drink, be wicked, and enjoy this awesome treat for you— 30% OFF on all Joobi Applications.


Raise your spirits for this spooktacular treat. It's a banquet we'll have to enjoy until 2 November 2014 at midnight. Use the code 30VAMPIRES upon check out.

It's the perfect time to enhance your page, boost sales, and maximize reach.

The ordeal will leave you happy – in more ways than one.

Grab this fang-tastic offer before the bloodthirsty vampires come your way, and run an online business of eternal bliss.

Happy Halloween from Joobi team!


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Time after time, you've told us that you love Joobi solutions because each applications you use are seamlessly integrated. When it doesn't do so, it's not so cool, and ultimately not efficient. We understand that buying products from different sources is a pain to maintain and keep them all up to date at all time... and costly too!


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One of our goals with Joobi eCommerce applications is to be able to integrate the most popular payment gateways to give you the flexibility to process credit cards and online payments with the solution of your choice.
And we strongly believed that all payment gateways should be available in the core package free to use without you having to pay any additional cost just to use it in your Joomla eCommerce store.



To this end, we’ve overhauled the existing gateways and added a ton of new payment gateways, that we thought it deserved a blog post of its own. Let’s dig in!

Here are the exciting new list of payment gateways that are released today. If you've got an account with any of the processors below, you can start collecting online orders;

We've also developed below payment gateways however we need a test account to be able to test it completely before we can release it to you.
If you've got an account with any of the below mention processors please let us know.
The first user who can help us provide with a working test accounts will be rewarded with a 30% discount to any Joobi plans.

  • Firstdata
  • Worldpay
  • Amazon Payments
  • Payplug
  • Buckaroo
  • Migs
  • Secpay
  • Netteler

But wait, there's more! We also added a bunch of cool enhancements, such as:


Won Auction Automatic Invoice Creation

  • Automatic creation of invoice for won auction
  • Winner notification inclides a link to the invoice where winner can see and checkout
  • Only admin can remove auctions in the listing in the invoices

Vendor Own Terms & Conditions

Vendor can create their own terms that can be displayed in the vendor products, in the checkout pages and in the order email that is sent to the buyer.

Vendor Invoice Creation

Each vendors can now create invoices for their own products. And store admin has the full control of this functionality and is disabled by default.

Auction Countdown Timer

The auction count down timer is now available in the all listing view ( product listing, category item listing, vendor item listing and auction product module)

Vendor Custom Fields

Store admin can now create all types of custom fields for Vendors that can be searchable and has the possibility to be shown in the advance search module.

Below are the following areas where to can display your vendors custom field;

  • Vendor Home
  • Vendor Dashboard  in Vendor Area
  • Organization Form
  • Vendor Profile Edit (Admin)
  • Vendor Profile Edit (Front-end)
  • Vendor Registration Form (Front-end)
  • List of Vendors for Customers
  • List of Vendors for Store Manager
  • Organization Listing

Advance Search Module

Ability to search item and product attributes, and then  filter them that will redirect to a modal page to perform advance search filtering.

Product Attributes

Atributes are now searchable through advance search module

Pick-list Custom Field type

Custom field Pick-list type can now define a parent pick-list so that when you edit a product if you change the parent pick list the values in the child pick list list will change accordingly


Bug Fixed

  • Resolved: Paypal recurring unable to create recurrong profile
  • Resolved: Buy Now button is shown to "All users" even it is set to registered users only
  • Resolved: Table view for product listing doesn't have social icons and vendor name displayed
  • Resolved: Product badge style "Bubble label" was using black font
  • Resolved: New badge was diplaying even the option is disabled.
  • Resolved: Cloning the theme skins will result to a broken store design
  • Resolved: Disabling the minification and CDN breaks the Joobi admin theme
  • Resolved: Vendor area menu redirects to a user menu when menu is clicked
  • Resolved: Unpublished custom fields was showing in the advance search module
  • Resolved: Error notices in the advance search module

Error message: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$devicevisible in /yoursite/joobi/node/output/class/forms.php on line 711

  • Resolved: Fatal error in the custom field creation

Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object in /yoursite/=/joobi/node/design/model/columns.php on line 211

  • Resolved: Saving the module preferences will result to a controller error.

The controller was not found  for the following name: main-widgets-joomla. Check that you have a controller defined!

  • Resolved: Store manager is not able to edit products in the front-end.

How do I update?

You'll need an active subscription to access the update server.

If you're already using jCenter 3.0 or higher version. Just wait for an automated email from your website to notify you about the new update (usually it takes a few second to a week after the initial release) so you get a more stable build. Or if you can't wait to get your hands on the new enhancements, just click "Check" button from the jCenter application page and do the automatic update.

For lower version users, simply browse the list of change-logs and locate the right version you are on, and then follow the update guide until you get to the latest version.


New to Joobi?

Evaluate all Joobi Applications before you purchase for Free (No credit card and registration required). Download it here


What else is going on?

jClassifieds is now ready for production. We'll write a more detailed blog about it next week, for the meantime you can explore jClassifieds features here.


We hope you like the new additions as much as we do! As always, if you hit any snags with the new version let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up.

Oh, and you should really follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Google+.

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The month of August marks the transition between summer vacation and fall semester, but our customers certainly kept us busy during the last 2 months! We have received an overflowing request of customization jobs and we are happy to deliver on those.

So today we’re very happy to announce that the new version of Joobi Applications are now available. Below you will see many new features that have been requested and paid by customers. This is just what we finished in the last month. As I write this blog, there are many more that are in the works, some are mostly done but we are waiting to finish the final testing and we'll roll them out to you in the coming weeks. 

New collapsible tree pick-list

You can now use a collapsible tree pick-list rather than using the standard pick-list. This new addon is available in all areas of Joobi applications. Note: Standard pick-list is used by default.ajax-category

Search box in pick-list

A new pick-list with a search box similar to what Joomla 3 has for the category. Any time the list is longer than 9 items a search box will automatically appear in every Joobi applications.


Download File Types in Pick-list

The download file types is now available in Pick-list through jCenter >> Design >> Pick-list so you can easily disable them without having to touch a single line of code.



2 new Product badges

Two new additional product badge styles " Leaf Vertical and Bubble Label". If you've cloned your themes, you can access the updated badge.css file from the original theme.



Translatable Form Elements

Almost all Form Elements are now translatable so you can translate any of your views into multiple languages.



 Re-core a view

Anyone can customize any view within the Joobi application administration area and the frontend without having to write a piece of code, and preserved the customized view to not be overwritten during update. However we realized alot of the users disable some critical views which lead to software malfunction.

The new feature re-core a view will allow us set the status of the view to core again after it has been customized to restore it's default settings.

*Core: This means the view has not been customized and it will be updated during update.

*Uncore: This means the view has been modified by the user and it will not be overwritten during update.



We also added a bunch of other smaller things, such as:

  • New: Vouchers with Attribute (only one)
  • New: Vendor can now manage their own tax rates in the catalog and buyers can checkout products with different tax rates
  • New: A new menu called "Display one Vendor" which allows the possibility to show only one vendor data
  • New: Ul/li presentation for category module
  • New: option to show only category which has items inside
  • New: Integration between jAuction and jSubscription to restrict the bidder to a maximum bid.
  • New: Web Services Interface for jMarket which enabled vendors to get an API key, insert/update a product and retrieve their product list. (Still Beta)
  • New: Re-core a view.



  • Improved: Ajax file uploader can now handle any file size
  • Improved: Product image is no longer forced to show in the carousel
  • Improved: Greek Translation has been updated
  • Improved: Hungarian Translation has been updated
  • Improved: Commission Payment information is now shown for the store admin through Vendors >> Programs >> Payments
  • Improved: jSubscription "item restriction" for jMarket to trigger before creating an item instead of after item creation which lead to unsaved product details.


 Bug Fixed

  • Resolved: jVoucher field creation does not show an area
  • Resolved: Featured badges are now available in jStore.
  • Resolved: Discount coupon use EUR as a default currency
  • Resolved: Gift Card shows unavailable after using once even it is set to unlimited use
  • Resolved: Shipping error is displayed when selecting shipping API.
  • Fatal error: Call to undefined method Shipping_Fedex_addon::paymentChangeElements() in [your_website]/joobi/node/shipping/view/shipping_form.php on line 40
  • Resolved: Terms and Condition during checkout is now showing in a bigger window as a temporary fix.
  • Resolved: Downloadable product does not show files to download in the download page under the order.
  • Resolved: Featured badge was missing in jStoreResolved: Vendor profile error: "The files for the theme [folder_name]_vendor_area were not found!"
  • Resolved: Broken layouts for any Joobi modules if shown outside the store pages
  • Resolved: Text field type of attribute was not displaying in the order details.
  • Resolved: Wrong gifting email for the vouchers - both receiver and buyer receives the same email.
  • Resolved: Product badge are shown in number instead of a text for Auction type of product.


How do I update?

You'll need an active subscription to access the update server.

In you're already using jCenter 3.0 or higher version. Just wait for an automated email from your website to notify you about the new update (usually it takes a few second to a week after the initial release) so you get a more stable build. Or if you can't wait to get your hands on the new enhancements, just click "Check" button from the jCenter application page and do the automatic update.

For other lower versions, simply browse the list of change-logs and locate the right version you are on, and then follow the update guide until you get to the latest version.


What else is going on?

  • We started the first test-drive with our new newsletter application jCampaign.
  • We are almost done with our mobile developments which will be available for IOS and Android at the same time. It will be an App for Vendors and another app for Store Catalog for the first release. Having said that, we'll also introduce a mobile app for all Joobi Products. We'll talk about more about it in the coming weeks in a sneak peak!
  • We finalized jClassifieds functionality for end of September official release.
  • We've managed to add a lot of Payment systems in a very short period time. So far we have 20+ of them and half of it will be included in the next September follow-up release, for free of-course.
  • AND SO MUCH more! We have a lot of good stuff in the pipe until end of this year and the release might take a couple of weeks or even months to finish baking, but it will be all a huge one.

New to Joobi?

Evaluate all Joobi Applications before you purchase for Free. Download it here

We’ve enjoyed working on this new version a lot, and We hope you like the new version as much as we do! A million thanks to all the people who helped out with beta testing and as always, if you hit any snags with the new version let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up.

Oh, and you should really follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Google+.

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Woohoo! Welcome to our brand spanking new website which we’ve been working incredibly hard on for the last couple of weeks. We have redesigned our website completely to enhance user experience and to better explain what Joobi is. Our hope is that every new visitor to our website can quickly understand how Joobi can help them, and even to people who have been long using Joobi products can get a great overview of the features and benefits from solutions we offer.

new website

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Hello friends!

Here’s a quick note about the new updates we have for you today. Firstly, you might have noticed we’ve deployed the month of July release 2 weeks ago which focuses on product stability.
Today's release is all about helping you expand  sales and make  it  easier to  sell cross border with 4 new payment gateways (and counting). Here's the list;

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Hello friends! It's time for another release!

Last month we released jStore for Free to use by everyone, and we're glad that you all liked it. If you haven't check jStore yet, see this article and discover why you'll love to use it.


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Joobi is always looking for ways to make it easier for you to start your online journey.
Today, we're proud to announce a new change for jStore. Starting today, jStore is Free to use by everyone. Yes, totally FREE from $165 to $0.


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Last few weeks release was a big one, and very well received. A big thanks to everyone helping us, using Joobi solutions, giving feedback and asking questions.

Today's release is about Multi-cart and addresses those little issues that were reproduced after the big update.


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Hello friends!
We are thrilled to present the stable release of the Responsive Design of all Joobi applications. It's been a couple of months since our last release, but I think you'll be pleased with what we have in store for you today!


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We know it has been a bit longer than expected. However I think you will be very pleased with the results.
We didn’t want to rush the release and give you a half job, so we decided to take our time and do things right from the start.


Moreover we’ve added a bit more spice to the new responsive design to give you an easy way to design the look and feel of your store without the need of any technical skills.
We should also mentioned that we did not only do the frontend responsive design and template but backend as well.

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Joobi eCommerce suite of Applications include integrations with most major payment gateways out of the box at no additional cost. Set up multiple payment options for shoppers to choose from ensuring that you never lose a sale. We are constantly adding new payment gateways base on customers demand.


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jMarket will transform your Joomla site into a powerful and most complete online shopping mall with multiple independent vendors, offering seperate departments selling products via a centralized product catalog.


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Over the past year, Joobi has grown as a company from selling few extensions to a 14+ awesome Joomla extensions (and counting). We definitely appreciate everyone’s business and on going support. As we continue to enhance our products and services, we are also looking at ways to provide them at the best possible value.

new year new price

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This is a quick update to address last week customer reports (December 19-16). Please remember, that there were no new features added but just all bugs fixes and improvements in the code.

  • Popup conflict with Joomla 3 and responsive template.

-> this also fix the problem of windows not poping up in the frontend with Joomla 3.0 and above

  • Vendors registration issue, where the vendor role was not added to the user and therefore the user could not access their vendor area. This problem was introduce in the last release last week and it is now fixed.
  • Improvements on the vendors map
  • Fix a potential issue with the cookie for jAffiliates.
  • Fixed potential SEF issue with the link to the cart. If you have this problem simply update and create your Cart link again.


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Today we made a minor release on all our applications. No new features we simply change the way the licensing works to be compliant with Joomla GPL standard.

So now an API key is only required to do an automatic update.
For all existing customer there is no changes as you already have an API key.


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The year 2013 has been a full out sprint for us at Joobi and it's been a really productive.


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Over the past 3 weeks we have been hard at work on the next version of jMarket and other new Applications coming up. This release is primarily focused on catalog search and feature enhancements to prepare the ground for the coming major release of Joobi Applications.



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We are happy to announce a new application to add in to our business solution: jDefender.

jdefender banner 700

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We have prepared something special for you! A little treat to get you inspired and make something awesome this Halloween!

Celebrate the season with special discount, an excellent way to enhance your page, boost sales, and maximize reach.

You are getting one of the best offer for all Joobi Applications and a chance to win a Template from our partner.



Enjoy 30% OFF on all Joobi Applications.

Yes, you read it right! This offer can be enjoyed until 3 November 2013. Please enter this coupon upon checkout: 30ZOMBIES

Win a Joomla Template for Free

We partnered with the world's #1 template provider TemplateMonster, so you could  Win 1 of 3 Joomla Templates for Free until 31 October 2013. Click this article to read the complete promo details.

Run and act fast before the owls and witches come your way!

If you have questions about this offer, please let us know by submitting a ticket in the support center!

Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter for updates and news.
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A new version of jMarket 3.17.22 release is now available. This release focused on recurring sales for your eCommerce by adding several features which the most important is a reward system for buyers.

Please note that you can only obtain the new version if you are using jCenter 2.5.x. For those still running jCenter 2.4.64 or below, please see the change-log and update process guide.


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