What is jCenter?

jCenter is a type of digital distribution for all Joobi applications which allows you to automatically manage applications installed on their website—new application and updates can be automatically installed in a single process.
In short you can install and update your Applications the same way you do with the Apps Store or Android Market.

Things to note:

(1) You can't use Joobi products (except jNews) without jCenter installer
(2) jCenter is always FREE to use

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System Requirements

Joomla Requirements Server Requirements PHP Configurations Server Setup
Joomla 2.5
Joomla 3 higher
Minimum mySQL version 4.2.1
Minimum PHP version 5.0(NOTE: To use the Geolocation feature you need PHP 5.3)
Server operating system - Unix, Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
GD library is installed; (required for picture resize)
allow_url_fopen enabled; ( required for update of apps )
safe_mode is disabled; (recommended)
cURL support is enabled; (recommended)
file_uploads is enabled; (recommended)
fsockopen support is enabled; (recommended)
memory_limit - 32M
post_max_size - 8M
Ability to override options in .htaccess file
Ability to run cron jobs
  • We highly recommend a Linux based server rather than a Windows server (Windows servers are known for PHP configuration problems).
  • Although all Applications are still working very well withJoomla 1.5 environments, we no longer provide any technical support.
  • recommended: mean some features might not be possible if thisoption not enabled.